Which Search Engine's Users Are The Most Racist?

Google or Bing? Bing or Google? Which search engine has the biggest problem with, you know, them? Let's have a good old-fashioned race (search) war!

If the eyes are windows to the human soul, the search autosuggest box is a window to the internet's. These suggestions are based on user data, meaning they represent what people are actually searching for. It's just feedback, really. But still, these are suggestions — it's right there in the name. These are the first words a kid sees when he sits down at his computer to do a research project for social studies class. It's doesn't matter why Google is telling him to search for racist stuff. It's still telling him to search for racist stuff.

Autosuggest offers one of the few unfiltered (or at least merely slightly filtered) views of the general public's browsing habits, and it's not a pretty one. But which search engine is the ugliest? Which searchers are the most racist? Let's check! No fishing here, btw: these are actually the first nine things we searched for.

Winner: Bing

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