WATCH: Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Try To Reason With Paparazzi



Paparazzi recently pursued Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield as the couple tried to enjoy a New York stroll, and new video has surfaced that shows the exceedingly polite pair attempting to reason with the pesky photographers to leave them in peace.

First, an uncomfortable Stone is seen saying, “I’m just trying to walk around, it’s Sunday, I really don’t want to [take photos] today.”

Later, she and Garfield are about to hail a taxi when Garfield approaches the cameraman and asks if they can talk.


“We can all be human beings and talk,” says the Amazing Spider-Man star, explaining that he and Stone just want to be enjoy their day unbothered.

The paparazzo doesn’t seem to get it, saying, “If you just give us the two-shot, we can leave you alone.”

Garfield replies, “We’re not going to pimp out our personal life,” going on to ask the photog (“Justin”) to shut off his camera while they have a conversation.

Yes, Garfield and Stone are celebrities and in the public eye, and yes, there will always be paparazzi following them on the streets of New York and Los Angeles.

But it’s a shame that the photographers who prey on celebs refuse to reciprocate the respect and civility those hunted stars often offer them, as Stone and Garfield do here.

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