WATCH: “American Idol” Producers Kick Jermaine Jones Off For Criminal Past

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Ryan Seacrest kicked off Wednesday’s “American Idol” on a serious note, explaining, “We discovered information that left us with no choice but to eliminate one of our finalists from the competition.”

He was, of course, referring to the revelation on Tuesday that Jermaine Jones was disqualified from the competition after producers discovered he had hid his serious criminal past.

Later in the episode, the show shared footage of the “Idol” producers confronting Jones about his failure to disclose his checkered history.


Noting they were “surprised” by the information, which included two arrests in 2011 where he gave fake names to the police, the producers said they could’ve helped Jones had he come clean from the start.

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A melancholy Jones explained that he was “scared and nervous” that he’d be “judged” and “penalized.”

Well, he was right about being penalized.

“The fact is we’re not allowed to have anyone that has an outstanding warrant on the program,” said producer Ken Warwick, pointing out that Jones actually has four.

He added, “You’ve put us in a very delicate position… We have to let you go.”

Jones appeared to accept his fate without any protests.

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