Tyga Concert Shooting Leaves 2 Wounded


Two members of Tyga’s entourage were shot after his concert in Omaha, Nebraska Monday night.

According to police officials, words were exchanged between members of the “Rack City” rapper’s act and some audience members during the show.

Garbage was thrown up on the stage by some rowdy individuals in the crowd, and a few audience members got into a brief fistfight with the band after the concert.

Then, as Tyga’s tour bus was preparing to leave, shots were fired from a car which proceeded to follow the bus as it drove away from the auditorium.

Lt. David Sedlecek said, ”Two people inside were hit by gunfire. A female was hit in the arm, and a male party had a graze would to his left hip.”

The female appears to have been new Young Money rapper Honey Cocaine, who tweeted after the incident, “Got shot and I’m not dead.”

Police say there were nine people on the bus at the time of the shooting, including two children.

Tyga tweeted Tuesday morning, “Let’s be clear them was haters not fans. My fans love me. I love them.”

No arrests have been made yet.

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