Tom Cruise Forbids Katie Holmes to Leave Home Without Makeup?

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Katie Holmes appears to be rebelling against her husband, Tom Cruise,” begins a piece from In Touch.

How so?

According to the mag, Cruise prefers that his wife “never leave the house unless she looks perfect,” but Holmes has lately “been running around town dressed casually and sans makeup.”


A supposed “source” for the tab explains, “Tom can be controlling, but Katie no longer lets it get to her.”

Adds the alleged pal, “There are days she leaves the house without even taking a shower.”

“Hope she knows there’s low-maintenance — and just plain gross,” quips the mag.

Good joke — this story, that is.

Holmes, an avid exerciser, has been leaving the house without makeup, dressed in unglamorous workout clothes, for years (see photo from 2009 below).

And Cruise doesn’t make his wife obey “rules.”

Regardless, a rep for Cruise tells Gossip Cop the rumor is “false.”

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