This Is How Much Dartmouth Frat Boys Love Vomiting

A “Rolling Stone” investigation into the dark underbelly of Dartmouth frats reveals a lot of unsavory stuff, but possibly the strangest is the prevalence of vomit. Dartmouth frat boys appear to spend basically all their time barfing.

Student Andrew Lohse came forward in January with horror stories about puke-filled kiddie pools, and now "Rolling Stone" has a detailed exposé of the Dartmouth frat scene and its excesses — most of which seem to be of the gastrointestinal variety. Dartmouth frat boys apparently liked to incorporate vomiting into lots of different scenarios, including the following:

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1. Dog crates

One fraternity reportedly beat their pledges; another was said to place them in dog crates while the brothers vomited on them.

2. Blackballing

Lohse, now very drunk, faced a Review brother who had wanted to blackball him. The brother held Lohse's embossed bid card in one hand and a lighter in the other. Ten cups of beer sat on a table. "Do a quick six in the time it takes for this to burn," he told Lohse, setting the bid card on fire. "Go!" Lohse chugged, but was only up to his third cup when time ran out. Seeing his future go up in flames, Lohse vomited all over himself – at which point the brothers told him they were just kidding.

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