The First Ever iPad Game You Play Against Your Cat

Friskies created an iPad game to play against your cat. Finally, a new way for your cat to humiliate you.

Friskies cat food debuted the first-ever interspecies gameplay iPad app at SXSW. The gameplay resembles one-sided air hockey — the human flicks objects across the screen while the cat, acting as goalie, repels the objects by pouncing on them. The current feline champion, Buddy, upheld his undefeated reign here in Austin.

Friskies first debuted 3 games for iPhones at Games For Cats back in May. These games had fish or bugs for the cat to chase across the screen, but were for cats alone to play without their owners. These earlier games were created in HTML5 with CSS3 animation, but this latest game was developed on the Corona platform. Don't worry that your cat will turn into a Mountain Dew chugging gamer — Friskies believes playing games with your cat is a healthy way to enrich your cat's mind.

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