The Best And Worst Of The NBA's March Madness Brackets

Lebron James, Deron Williams, Kevin Love, and more have submitted their brackets. Deron is going to regret that Syracuse pick, now that Fab Melo can't play.

Source: @KingJames

Most WTF Pick: Memphis to beat both Michigan State and Louisville? It's not ridiculous to think that they could make it to the Elite Eight, but to do it by beating both of those teams (and therefore getting no help from other upsets) would be a tall task. LeBron, you do know that Derrick Rose doesn't still play for Memphis. No? Remember Derrick Rose? He's the guy who hates what a clown you are.

Source: @TheLockerRoom

Most Disappointing Bracket: This is a pretty chalky bracket. It's boring and safe, which runs counter to everything I love about the Minnesota Timberwolves. Damn you, Kevin Love. You should have let Michael Beasley pick for you. I'm sure he would have at least drawn some trippy doodles all over it.

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