Teen Dies At A "Project X" Inspired Party

Drunk teenagers that saw a ridiculous movie + Texas = tragedy.

After close to 1000 people showed up to a party in Houston, Texas, things started to get violent after "several attendees fired guns" (a staple of any successful party) resulting in the death of one teenager. The party was inspired by the film "Project X," and the kids even spray painted the movie's title on the mansion's walls.

From Yahoo:

Trash cans full of spiked punch were set out for partygoers. Wet foam blanketed the floor. Women who wore bathing suits were granted free entry to the party, according to the flyer.

"[The gunman] was just walking, and he pulled out a gun and started shooting, like for no reason," [one of the party-goers] said. "He shot the boy in the back of the head and fell on the ground. He started shooting at the crowds, but then he ran through the field."

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