Slab City, A Squatter's Paradise In The Middle Of Nowhere

Imagine Burning Man erupting inside a permanent Hooverville and you're halfway to Slab City. A haven for homeless people and those who choose to live off the grid, Slab City is a commune on an abandoned military base in Southern California. I want to hang out with Purple and Two Horses.

An old checkpoint, now painted as a welcome sign, is seen at a site locals call Slab City just outside Niland, California February 15, 2012. A former military base that was closed after World War II, Slab City is a place on the fringe both geographically and philosophically and attracts a variety of people, including jobless and financially struggling recession refugees who can no longer pay for food and housing.

(Reuters / Eric Thayer )

A sign for an art installation called East Jesus is seen in Slab City.

(Reuters / Eric Thayer)

Jeff sits at his trailer in Slab City. Jeff said he counts the days with bottles, every day represented by an empty bottle of wine.

(Reuters / Eric Thayer)

Jack "Two Horses" sits at his campsite.

(Reuters / Eric Thayer)

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