Site Invents Alleged Robert Pattinson “Diss” of Taylor Lautner

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HollywoodLife, which never misses a chance to make up controversy about Robert Pattinson, is at it again.

The webloid’s new headline declares, “Robert Pattinson Vs. Taylor Lautner: Did Rob Diss Taylor’s Acting?”

“Is there a real-life ‘Breaking Dawn’ rivalry brewing?” asks the story’s first line, going on to tease the “inflammatory comment” that supposedly serves as “the first stone in a new war of words between the two hunks!”

Wow, Pattinson must have really said something nasty about his Twilight co-star for HollywoodLife to play it up like this, right?


The site refers to an (alleged) Reveal magazine interview in which Pattinson (allegedly) says, “I’d have to make a lifestyle change if I wanted to do shirtless acting. But it seems like every single actor in the world is doing a ‘Taylor Lautner’ scene – it’s crazy.”

Pattinson is said to continue, “They have a scene where they walk out with like a 12-pack. It’s like, ‘Really? You’re playing a normal guy! That doesn’t make any sense.’ But that’s a prerequisite of being an actor. Or you can get fat!”

For those of you waiting for the “inflammatory comment” HollywoodLife promised… um, apparently, that was it.

Pattinson pointed out the silliness of actors who are NOT Taylor Lautner being ripped and shirtless for roles that do NOT require being ripped and shirtless… and somehow HollywoodLife interpreted this to be a “diss” of Lautner.

He said absolutely nothing about Lautner or Lautner’s acting.


We’re not sure whether this is mostly a result of HollywoodLife’s reading comprehension problem or the site’s desire to create feuds, but the entire mess is yet more sloppy work from a webloid intent on creating “news,” not accurately reporting it.

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