Rush Limbaugh joins Twitter, posts two tweets

LOS ANGELES, March 15 ( - Rush Limbaugh joined Twitter on Thursday, posting the first two tweets from his personal account in response to the scandal plaguing his show.

Limbaugh, who already had an official account for his show, posted links to recent stories that have been supportive of the combative radio host.

The brash talker has had the account since 2009, but he told his listeners on Thursday that he would be tweeting to mobilize his supporters just like the "liberal media" has mobilized his detractors.

Limbaugh has been at the center of a media maelstrom for the last few weeks since he called Georgetown law student and contraception activist Sandra Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute" on his radio show.

"Everybody has been asking me what they can do to help in all of this, and I've been saying, nah, just do what you've been doing just, if you listen, keep listening, that's fine, but there's an army out there that wants to be mobilized, and so, I figured, use Twitter for it. I'm just going to put some things on Twitter that you can help us circulate. It's that simple you just retweet them!"

Limbaugh first tweeted a link to a story by Cornell Law School professor William Jacobson about, to quote Limbaugh, "how the opposition astroturfs advertisers." Jacobson linked the 100-plus advertisers boycotting Limbaugh to Media Matters, the liberal group that functions as a watchdog of the conservative media.

Next Limbaugh tweeted a story from the Daily Caller, a conservative outlet, about how the New York Times aired an ad during Limbaugh's show.

Limbaugh already had more than 100,000 followers before Thursday - a sign of his massive popularity without even tweeting.

Limbaugh told his audience on Thursday that he won't be a daily tweeter. And, sorry, fans, he won't be tweeting about his breakfast and what not.

(Editing By Zorianna Kit)


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