Rihanna Tweets Topless Photo [SFW] And Other Links

Oh honey, no. Plus nutritionists have research that shows our bodies are not happy about all the chemicals we're eating and the chupacabra may have evolved wings. These and other Buzz that slipped under our radar await your clicking pleasure.

Is that a disembodied finger between your legs or are you just happy to see me? - [PhotoshopDisasters]

The latest in visor fashion makes you look like the offspring of Darth Vader and a nun. - [Fashionista]

Emily Blunt passed on the part of Black Widow because she doesn't play token girlfriends...what? - [JustJared]

Hey guess what? All that chemical crap we coat everything with ends up in our bodies and our bodies are freaking out. - [TheAtlantic]

Spanx creator shatters the glass ceiling to become the youngest woman on Forbes billionaire list. - [FoxNews]

Did evolution take a leap, giving chupacabras wings with which to swoop down and murder these sheep? - [WeirdNews]

Kris Humphries has a sister and she is a smoking hot plus-sized model. - [Wetpaint]

A comprehensive mapping of the Titanic wreckage sheds new light on what really happened almost one hundred years ago. - [History]

Jennifer Love Hewitt admits she still vagazzles. Internet puts fingers in collective ears and screams, "LALALALALA!" - [Celebuzz]

Headline Story:Rihanna's continued downward spiral for attention is getting hard to watch. - [MTV]


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