Olivia Munn "Apologizes" For SXSW Absence And Other Links

Wait, does this mean SXSW leaked those nude pictures? Why else would she send them this? Also, baby cheetahs are painfully adorable and underage smoking may lead to accidental arson. These and other Buzz that flew under the radar await your clicking pleasure.

Underage smoking kills...historical landmarks. - [HuffingtonPost]

Cheetah cubs make a noise so cute your ovaries might explode regardless of whether or not you actually possess ovaries. - [Neatorama]

Red meat is trying to kill us. Tasty, tasty death by meat. - [TheDailyBeast]

Bruno Mars awkwardly cradles a guitar while a model crab walks towards him on the cover of Playboy. - [MTV]

Psst, hey man. You gotta any of the good stuff? You know, like Tide liquid detergent? Yeah, man, that's the stuff. - [Gothamist]

Soooo, the "Garbage Pail Kids" movie reboot is happening. That is a thing that is happening. - [Videogum]

Inhabable desserts, like electronic cigarettes but with the side effect of starvation. - [Geekosystem]

The first look at Kristen Stewart as Vampire Bella is sufficiently vampire-y. - [TheStir]

A new type of energy efficient lightbulb is drawing ire from the Tea Party because facts should never get in the way of the narrative. - [Treehugger]

Headline Story:Olivia Munn's photo response to her nude photo leak is the epitome of class. - [WWTDD]


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