New Snow White and the Huntsman Sneak Peek and Behind-The-Scenes Footage



Snow White and the Huntsman fans don’t have to wait until the new trailer premieres Monday night to check out new clips from the film.

In a newly-released sneak peek, star Chris Hemsworth presents a short, but action-packed teaser from the upcoming movie.


Plus, another new preview features behind-the-scenes footage from the film, including interviews with Hemsworth and co-stars Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart.

Snow White and the Huntsman opens in theaters June 1.

Check out the clips below!

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  • Regina1180

    This looks so Much better than Mirror Mirror.

  • Eliza

    Can’t wait! Kristen Stewart makes a gorgeous badass snow white! And Charlize will be amazing as the evil queen!

  • Jones

    Kristen looking thin….

  • Maria Bell

    teaser things

  • Buffy2012

    Kristen looked like the badass beautiful, goddess she is. Can’t wait to see her as the beautiful, kick ass Snow White!!!!!!!!

  • Lizzieb

    Chris Hemsworth is so freaking HOT… Lucky Kristen!!!!

  • Eliza

    Yeah, mirror mirror looks ridiculous next to this. Hate to be mean but Lily Collins needs to do something with her eyebrows.

  • Paprika

    I’ll be honest. At first I wasn’t this excited about this movie. I like Kristen and I like almost all her movies,but when I read that she was going to be in SWATH,I didn’t particulary like it. I thought that I wouldn’t watched this movie if Kristen wasn’t in it. But now that I’ve watched the trailer,the BTS videos,teasers etc. I’m beyond excited!!
    This movie is nothing I had expected at first. I love this badass Snow White and the cast is just great. I see a lot of respect between the actors and I think that they are really really proud of their job. I love it!

  • Tim’s Hot For Kristen

    This movie is already getting such good publicity! I’m sure it will be a hit!

  • Buffy2012

    Well said!!!

  • Xyz

    Why do think why her father (Phil Collins) is bald ? Just kidding. I’m just being funny here. Don’t shoot me. I love them both.

  • Krisea1112

    Totally agree with u!!!I can’t wait to see this and I’m sure I gonna watch it 10 times when it comes out…I love kristen and I will support all her upcoming movie.

  • Xyz

    I think so too.

  • Xyz


  • Good Luck

    They should have just named this “The Huntsman”. This looks one or two steps up from TV’s “Once Upon a Time”.


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