Megan Fox Is (Allegedly) Knocked Up And Other Links

On the one hand, the source of this information is an anonymous “source”; but on the other hand, she has been a married step-mom for two years now. Also, “Mall Rats” has been deceiving us for years and Cadbury Egg season is upon us. These and other Buzz we missed await your clicking pleasure.

That "Mall Rats" kid lied to us! It wasn't a sailboat! - [GeeksAreSexy]

Gain 30lbs. before Easter with this Deviled Cadbury Egg recipe. - [DeathAndTaxes]

Dumb phone users are proud of their Luddite ways. - [TheAtlanticWire]

Assassin's Creed says all assassins are men because it's a man's world and girls wouldn't be going around murdering people because that'd be unrealistic in a world where genetic memory can be accessed like virtual reality. - [G4]

Elizabeth Banks thanks birth control every day for her son. - [iVillage]

Remember Tiger Woods? His porn star mistresses do and now they're telling all. - [NYPost]

The future past technology known as the pneumatic tube is making a comeback and could get you to China in two hours. - [Gadling]

New behind-the-scenes photos from "The Avengers" released. - [SlashFilm]

The top 5 animals from "The Hunger Games". - [Discovery]

Headline Story: The rumor mill started this morning that Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox are expecting their first child and you'd think her reps would've tamp it down by now if it weren't true. - [Celebitchy]


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