Meet The Cat Who Saved His Owner's Life

Pudding's tale of quick-thinking and heroism was first reported by The Door County Advocate and he is now on his way to becoming a national feline sensation. This is his amazing story, as told to me by his person, Amy Jung.


On February 8, Amy Jung and her 7-year-old son Ethan walked into the Door County Humane Society so that Ethan could play with the cats. Ethan wants to be a veterinarian, so playing with cats is work as well as fun for him.

Amy and Ethan had no intention of bringing anyone home that day, but something happened when she met Pudding. "I was filling out some paperwork," she told me, "and while I was doing this - he's just a really big cat - he's laying across the counter and he's looking up at me like, 'Are you going to pet me or what?' and I kind of rubbed his head a little bit and went back to writing and he took his paw and just put it on my hand, and it was all over."

Pudding is a cat who gets what he wants, and this particular act of boldness got him a brand-new home along with his friend Wimsy, who doesn't really figure all that much in this story, which is fine because (according to Amy) she doesn't really want the spotlight anyway. Wimsy is more than happy just to follow Pudding around: "She goes where he goes," says Amy.

Pudding immediately made himself at home. "I went to bed and he jumped on the bed next to me and he just laid there and stared at me, which I thought was weird for a cat that you've just brought home." But that was just the beginning. At around 11 that night Amy began to have a diabetic seizure in her sleep, and if it hadn't been for Pudding's quick thinking and decisive action she might not have survived the night.

I woke up to this thud on my chest and I'm trying to move and i can't do anything. And he's batting my face. Then, he bit my nose and I managed to get up. The cat looked at me like, "I've got this under control," and he went running. Then I heard Ethan yell, and he had pounced on him from the floor.

Photo credit: Amy Jung

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