Marc Cherry: I “Tapped” Nicollette Sheridan


Marc Cherry, the “Desperate Housewives” creator and executive producer, who “hit” Nicollette Sheridan in 2008, took the stand today and tesfitied that it was nothing more than a tap.

According to Cherry, after he took out a funny line from a scene with Sheridan, her on-screen husband Neal McDonough, and James Denton, the actress was “very insistent” that she have another humorous exit line, and so he suggested something physical like giving McDonough “a pinch or a thing on the head.”

Cherry explained that as a demonstration for Sheridan, he “reached out and tapped her on the side of the head.”

“She got this look on her face,” recalled the producer, adding, she then screamed, “You hit me! You hit me! And it’s not OK!”

Cherry noted he absolutely had not “walloped” her, as Sheridan had claimed.

He recalled then going to her trailer, and apologizing if he had offended her.

Cherry said in court that he told Sheridan, “I was demonstrating some [physical humor] for you. What I wanted you to do. She seemed to understand.”

“I apologized to Nicollette… It was a sincere apology but that I had done it and inadvertently upset her. I wasn’t apologizing for hitting her because I hadn’t hit her,” he said on the stand.

The producer also insisted that the decision to kill off her character was made way before the incident, and that there was no connection between the “hit” and her being let go.

As Cherry stepped off the stand, Sheridan reportedly mouthed the word, “bastard.”

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