MAG: The Artist Star Coming Between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

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We’ll give the National Enquirer credit: The mag is imaginative with its bogus Brad Pitt stories.

In the last month alone, the tabloid has claimed Pitt told Billy Bob Thornton to “lay off” Angelina Jolie and alleged that Ellen DeGeneres gave Pitt permission to wed.

Both items were 100 percent wrong, but the Enquirer is back with a doozy this week.

According to the mag, Pitt “flipped for fellow Oscar nominee Berenice Bejo,” and now Jolie is “furious over his roving eye.”

Pitt has “developed a huge crush” on The Artist star, explains the Enquirer, which quotes a so-called source as saying, “He’s enchanted by her exotic beauty.”

“Brad is determined to line up a project for the two of them to star in together,” the “source” claims, adding, “But Angie is fuming. She’s jealous of all the attention and praise Brad is lavishing on a woman she considers her competition, professionally and personally.”

And so, after Pitt supposedly “followed Berenice around like a puppy dog” at last month’s Academy Awards Nominations Luncheon, Jolie “has him on a very tight leash.”


All of this is fascinating… except there’s no more truth to it than any of the supposed Pitt infatuations the Enquirer has trotted out in the past, including three separate women on the World War Z set.

It’s not Pitt’s “roving eye” that keeps him in the pages of the Enquirer – it’s the tabloid’s own insistence that there must be something beneath every interaction he has with any woman who isn’t Jolie.

A source close to the couple calls the idea that Bejo is causing friction between Pitt and Jolie “nonsense,” telling Gossip Cop it’s just the latest example of an invented controversy.

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