MAG: Jennifer Aniston Controlling Justin Theroux’s Career, Social Life and Hair

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Jennifer Aniston is “mothering” Justin Theroux, according to In Touch, which claims the actress is “calling all the shots” in Theroux’s life.

The mag, which previously reported Theroux dumped Aniston (lies), that Aniston was pregnant (inaccurate) and then adopting (wrong), now claims Aniston controls all aspects of her boyfriend’s social life, career, and even his physical appearance.

Wow, she must be very busy.

Anyway, the tabloid says during a recent trip to New York, Aniston “kept Justin from seeing his East Coast-based pals,” and instead had dinner at restaurants of her choice, where she supposedly “picked his entree and ordered for him!”

Of course, In Touch provides no details from this alleged instance nor the names of pals Theroux was “kept” from seeing.

Then, the mag regurgitates a story from last month — that Gossip Cop debunked — which wrongly claimed Theroux had signed with Aniston’s agents at CAA.

Finally, the rag says the Wanderlust actress is making him use “a special shampoo” to combat hair loss, and has also “enlisted her longtime celebrity stylist Chris McMillan to give Justin a more flattering ‘do.”


Basically, In Touch tries to paint Aniston as an overbearing, neurotic girlfriend in yet another attempt to create drama in the couple’s perfectly happy relationship.

But as usual, the story is not true.

A source close to Theroux tells Gossip Cop that claims about Aniston trying to dictate his life are “false.”

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