MAG: Angelina Jolie Self-Destructing In Wake Of Allegedly Disastrous Leg Pose

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The fallout over Angelina Jolie’s leg pose continues to spread.

And leave it to In Touch to take the story to bizarre and extreme lengths!

To recap: Jolie’s Oscar Night dress was slit up the side, and her dramatic on-stage pose became easy conversation fodder that night.

Conspiracy-minded rumor mongers then wrongly claimed Jolie was (1) posing that way to hide an alleged pregnancy and (2) in hot water with Brad Pitt for upstaging him with her “leggy stance.”

These stories were ridiculous.

Now, In Touch is getting in on the action, basically alleging that Jolie’s life has unraveled since the Academy Awards.

“Her weird, look-at-me pose while presenting screen-writing Oscars proved how insecure she really is – and ironically, she fell apart when it backfired,” explains the tabloid.

A “Hollywood source” tells In Touch, “She’s still mortified. She had this cool, aloof persona, and she messed it up.”

So how badly is Jolie supposedly taking the criticism?

She’s allegedly “smoking, drinking and bursting into tears,” says the magazine, adding that she showed up for costume prep on a new film “rail-thin and raspy-voiced,” looking like “a shadow of her old self.”

In Touch claims Jolie picked up a “new smoking habit” in recent weeks, and has replaced food with cigarettes.

Meanwhile, Pitt “practically had to carry her out to the car” after she allegedly drank too much red wine at an after-party with George Clooney and Stacy Keibler at Craig’s restaurant on Oscar night.

Now Pitt “is urging her to get over the embarrassment and grow up.”

Maybe In Touch should take some of that advice.

The notion that Jolie has fallen apart because she jutted out her leg on stage for a few seconds is so absurd, we can’t believe even In Touch would print it.

Of course, we also find it a bit unlikely that Jolie would be completely trashed and carried out of a high-profile Hollywood establishment with extremely high-profile companions, but (1) only In Touch knows about it, and (2) the tabloid decided not to mention it until weeks later.

The mag only actually knows what everyone knows – that Angelina Jolie stood on stage at the Oscars with her leg exposed.

Everything else is nonsense.

A source close to Jolie tells Gossip Cop the story of her unraveling in the wake of her infamous “pose” is patently “untrue.”

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