Madonna Kisses Nicki Minaj (VIDEO)



Almost ten years after her racy MTV Video Music Awards kiss with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, Madonna laid her lips on another female singer, and video footage of the smooch just surfaced.

The kiss — planted on none other than Nicki Minaj — went down in December during the filming of the “Give Me All Your Luvin’” music video.

In the clip below, courtesy of Yahoo!, Madge presents Minaj with a plate of birthday cupcakes and then locks lips with her collaborator.

At the time, Minaj tweeted, ”OH MY f’ingggg Gahhhh!!!!! MADONNA jus kissed me!!!!! On the lips!!!!!!! It felt sooooo good. Soooo soft!!!! *passes out* aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!”

Madonna also previously talked about the lip lock with Anderson Cooper, saying, ”It was her birthday and it was actually the end of one of those long days of shooting, and we were all giving a birthday toast to her. After a few sips of champagne, I kissed her!”

Check out the video below!

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