Kristen Stewart & Charlize Theron Talk Snow White, Hunger Games and Baby



Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron appeared on Monday’s “Today Show” to talk about their new movie Snow White and the Huntsman (brand-new trailer here!), The Hunger Games and Theron’s recent adoption.


Discussing Snow White, Theron and Stewart both expressed satisfaction in taking a well-known fairy tale and turning it “upside-down.”

Asked about the “white-hot publicity storm” likely faced by The Hunger Games cast, Twilight vet Stewart said, “It’s so obvious no one signed on to that project to do ‘the next big thing,’ and I think that’s the coolest way to see something get big.”

“I can’t wait to see the movie,” she said.

As for her new baby, Theron is all smiles.

She gushed, “It’s going amazing… he’s scrumptious and delicious… it’s incredible.”

Check out the video below!

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