Kris Humphries Shot Down By New York Cocktail Waitress?

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(New York Daily News)

Kris Humphries is having trouble with his rebounding skills,” begins a piece from the New York Daily News, which claims Kim Kardashian’s soon-to-be ex-husband was shot down by a woman at a New York City club last weekend.

Justin Ross Lee, a shameless braggart and self-described New York “socialite,” tells the paper he witnessed Humphries “miss with a beautiful blond cocktail waitress Saturday night, then one-upped the baller by scoring her number from under Humphries’ nose.”

Lee says he spotted the NBA player at the Bunker Club around 2 a.m. on Sunday, and alleges, “He was trying to get this very beautiful waitress who was serving his table to give him her number, but she was not the slightest bit impressed. ”

“The only thing he could offer her was 20%,” snipes Lee.

The self-aggrandizing “socialite” goes to claim he approached Humphries and told him, “I bet you your annulment that I can get her number,” referring to the basketball player’s split from Kardashian.

Lee notes that he “shmoozed” the woman and successfully nabbed her digits, although he tells the Daily News he didn’t save the number, nor does he remember her name.

“His friends couldn’t believe it,” says Lee.

And neither does Gossip Cop.

So, we checked with a Humphries insider, who tells us Lee “made the entire thing up,” explaining, “He walked up and introduced himself to Kris. That’s all that happened.”

How embarrassing — for Lee.

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