Kim Kardashian in “Process of Adopting a Baby”?

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“Kim’s Secret Adoption,” reads the cover of OK! which goes on to report that “when Kim Kardashian gave up the fairy tale of living happily ever after with Kris Humphries, she didn’t give up her dream of becoming a mother,” and so she’s “begun the process of adopting a baby as a single mother.”

A so-called “source” for the tabloid claims, “It’s all top secret, but the adoption is already underway… She just has to decide where she wants the baby to come from.”

According to OK!, “Kim definitely wants to adopt a little girl” either from Haiti, which is “at the top of her list,” or “China because of the sheer number of little girls up for adoption there.”

The mag’s alleged “source” notes, however, that the reality star’s mom, Kris Jenner, wants her to adopt a girl from the Republic of Armenia because “they still have roots there, and it would bring a lot of attention to that country — which has been ravaged by war for decades.”

Not only does she want a little girl, but the mag says “Kim also realizes that the interest in her baby has potential to generate as much as $1 million.”

“She always thinks of ways to monetize her life,” says the tab’s alleged “source,” adding, “She’ll throw a baby shower to end all baby showers and charge vendors to take part in it. The first photo and interview with the baby are also likely to earn money.”

Enough already.

Gossip Cop investigated and the adoption is so “secret,” not even Kim Kardashian knows about it.

A family insider tells us the OK! cover story is “ridiculous” and “not true.”

Of course, this is the same magazine that was wrong last week, and the week before that, and the week before that

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