Kardashians “Humiliated By Their Men”?

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(In Touch)

“Dumped! Dissed! Ditched!” screams the new In Touch cover, which claims all three Kardashian sisters have been “Humiliated By Their Men.”

Allegedly, Reggie Bush “used” and “dumped” Kim; Scott Disick moved out on a pregnant Kourtney; and Lamar Odom dashed Khloe’s “baby dreams.”

Wow, sounds like a pretty bad week for the family.

Let’s take each of these stories, one by one.

In Touch says Kim was “convinced” just a few weeks ago that Bush was set to propose to her, only to have NFL star allegedly dump her and go partying with other young women.

Except… the tabloid’s repeated claim that Bush and Kim were close to marrying – going so far as to say last month that there were plans to elope - was never true.

What about Kourtney, whom In Touch says Disick is now “abandoning”?

According to the mag, he’s moving out now that he’s a “household name” and no longer needs the Kardashian family for fame.

But In Touch has been saying for months that Disick is making Kourtney “miserable” and constantly “ditching” her to go clubbing… and that was never true.

Then there’s Khloe, whom Odom is supposedly denying sex because he’s “retaliating” for their reality show allegedly taking his focus off of basketball.

The development is particularly “heartbreaking” for Khloe, explains In Touch, because she’s desperate to have a baby.

Of course, the same tabloid falsely said in February that Kourtney had agreed to carry Khloe’s baby, proving once and for all that the tab has no clue what’s true when it comes to her and Odom’s pregnancy plans.

A source close to the family tells Gossip Cop the trio of sister stories is “completely false.”

To recap: In Touch reheated a bunch of debunked nonsense and tied it all together for a cover not worth the paper it’s printed on.

Consider these claims “Dumped! Dissed” and “Ditched!”

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