Kardashian Sisters Hit with $5 Million Lawsuit Over QuickTrim Diet Pills

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A new lawsuit alleges the Kardashian sisters’ QuickTrim diet products make bogus claims about weight loss.

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are among the parties who were just hit with a $5 million class-action lawsuit in Manhattan federal court by four furious customers who say their QuickTrim endorsements were light on the truth.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, the supplements are said to be loaded with caffeine, which the Food and Drug Administration has determined to be “not safe or effective for weight loss.”

The plaintiffs, seeking $5 million in damages, argue that QuickTrim therefore could not have been the major factor in the Kardashians’ slim down, despite what the sisters claimed in commercials, tweets and other media.

Basically, the suit contends that the sisters and the companies involved in the sale of QuickTrim peddled pills that could not do what they claimed.

As noted in court documents, QuickTrim advertisements typically feature “photos of one or more of the Kardashian sisters in a bikini or other revealing attire.”

There’s been no comment from the Kardashians.

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