Kanye West & Jay-Z Settle Lawsuit

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Kanye West and Jay-Z have reportedly settled a lawsuit with blues and soul singer/producer Syl Johnson.

As Gossip Cop reported back in OctoberJohnson filed papers in Illinois Federal Court that West and Jay-Z took a portion of his 1967 tune “Different Strokes,” without compensation or credit, for their song “The Joy,” featured on their album “Watch the Throne.”

Johnson contended at the time that West had initially sought to sample “The Joy” for his album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” but it never worked out, and then misappropriated it for his collaboration with Jay-Z.

Now the suit has been dismissed because Jay-Z and West reportedly settled with Johnson, who’s no stranger to suing other artists for allegedly taking his compositions.

Among those who have been caught in Johnson’s legal crosshairs are Wu Tang Clan and Kid Rock, who eventually had to cough up cash to the soul and blues musician.

Below are Jay-Z and West’s “The Joy” and Johnson’s “Different Strokes,” which were at the heart of the lawsuit.

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“The Joy”

“Different Strokes”

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