Jessica Biel's Engagement Ring Is HUGE And Other Links

Is she able to pick her hand up with all those carats? Plus, a sixty-six year old woman became a first time mom and our unnaturally warm winter is going to have repercussions. These and other Buzz we missed today await your clicking pleasure.

Woman who won a million dollars in the lottery was still on food stamps because promoting stereotypes was her new charitable cause. - [GlobalPost]

"Desperate Housewives" creator admits he hit actress Nicollette Sheridan but it's cool since he didn't hit her hard. - [FoxNews]

The denim bathrobe is the new Snuggie? - [MTV]

Sixty-six year old woman spits in the face of Nature and Biology, using IVF to give birth to twins. - [TheStir]

Don Draper is kind of a dick, but in TV Land those characters get all the best lines. - [Flavorwire]

The human tongue is surprisingly versatile. - [TheFrisky]

John Mayer was forced to cancel his tour do to health issues. - [JustJared]

Remember there are no stupid questions, but there are definitely stupid answers. - [MentalFloss]

Our freakishly warm winter could bite us in the ass this spring. - [TheWeek]

Headline Story: They've been engaged since the holidays but this is the first time the paparazzi have managed to get photographic evidence. - [USWeekly]


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