Greyhound Retirement Day Will Melt Your Heart

Beautiful creatures go from racing and cramped kennels to adoption and loving homes. Here are photos of a group of greyhounds as they make the journey from Tijuana to Los Angeles. These lucky hounds will hopefully find a life of leisure at an adoption fair known as Retirement Day, organized by volunteer group Fast Friends.

Greyhounds walk with their handlers before competing at the Caliente racetrack in Tijuana February 18, 2012. All the dogs have been imported from the United States where only seven states still operate dog tracks. Circuit rules demand that all race dogs retire at the age of five, though some run well into their sixth year. Fast Friends, a greyhound adoption group based outside Los Angeles, United States, is committed to finding homes for retired greyhounds from the Caliente racetrack. Every few months, volunteers orchestrate an event called "Retirement Day" where older, slower dogs or dogs that have been weakened from frequent leg injuries officially leave their racing days behind and are given up for adoption. Picture taken February 18, 2012.


Greyhounds compete at the Caliente racetrack in Tijuana.

(Reuters / Erin Siegal)

Greyhounds stand together in a kennel at the Caliente racetrack.


Greyhounds look on from behind a fence in a kennel at the Caliente racetrack.


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