From Austin To Las Vegas: The Road To The Pizza Expo

We'll be driving from SXSW to the International Pizza Expo. What should we see and do along the way? Leave your tips, advice and lunch recommendations in the comments.


The International Pizza Expo is an annual pizza industry trade show held in Las Vegas.

Beyond the thousands of booths showcasing the latest in oven and pizza box technology, there are pizza making competitions and something called the World Pizza Games, which involves competitive dough making and freestyle acrobatic dough tossing.

Ok. What is the road trip?

We'll be leaving from the SXSW madness of Austin on Sunday to drive to Las Vegas. We're starting our drive at the Taco Donut Palace I in Austin, and want to hit as much bizarre, fun Americana along the road to Vegas as possible. Won't you help?

The Map

The Google Map below is the beginning of our rough itinerary. Click each pin to see some of the places we're stopping at.

Is there an abandoned former boarding school you know about on the route? Maybe a good place to get Matt to talk to a lizard? Let us know below or email us at

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