Eliminated Bachelor Contestants Confront Courtney, Slam Ben on ‘Women Tell All’

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“The Bachelor: Women Tell All” special on ABC on Monday was less revenge of the exes and more attack of the contestants.

While the previously eliminated women had a chance to vent their varied feelings on Ben Flajnik since he ousted them from the competition, the ladies became the most heated when discussing one particular topic: Courtney Robertson.

The season’s “villain,” who has made it to the upcoming finale with fellow competitor Lindzi Cox, made few friends – okay, practically none – during her quest to win Flajnik’s heart.

Now reunited with her former enemies, Robertson listened – arguably sincerely – as the women aired their grievances.

As Elyse called her “disgusting” and Jennifer accused her of now trying to do damage control, Robertson admitted she was “disappointed” and “humiliated” by her own vindictive behavior.

Kacie added, “The constant little jabs were what got to me… At the time, what made you think they were okay to say them?”

Robertson offered her apologies, saying, “I’m sorry for the things I’ve said and if I hurt your feelings anyone, everyone… I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me.”

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That didn’t seem to satisfy most of the women, and Robertson’s tears, presumed to be disingenuous, didn’t help either, nor did her complaints of how the tabloids have savaged her.

“It’s awful,” she whined, though – perhaps tellingly – she went on to also offer an apology to Flajnik himself (who was still offstage at this point).

“I’m sorry for hurting Ben,” Robertson said, “I cared for him and I still do.”

And lest you think the gals forgot Flajnik’s role in Robertson’s manipulations or his responsibility in causing more than a few broken hearts, the women had plenty to say about him, too.

After Flajnik joked that facing the group was his “nightmare,” the ladies peppered him with questions about why made the choices he did.

“If I didn’t see something there, I figured it was probably [better] to say goodbye then than later,” he answered.

But, “you kind of suck at it,” Emily pointed out, to which he and the others agreed.

In Casey‘s case, Flajnik admitted he could’ve been more of a “gentleman.”

The mood then lightened considerably as a clip reel of some of the season’s happier moments (yes, there were a few) was played.

Next week, Flajnik will be seen proposing to either Cox or Robertson – who do YOU think it will be?

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