Do You Like Carrots? Surely, Not As Much As This Woman Does

Zizi Howell is totally and completely charmed by an orange vegetable — and also happens to be the latest collection-obsessive to be featured on TLC's “My Crazy Obsession”. It may sound innocent enough, but as you'll soon find out, Zizi's carrot-addition has made her kind of a mess.

Zizi began her collection in high school when she would bring carrots along to the punk rock shows that she would frequent. At 15 years old she got her first tattoo of a carrot — now she has 35.

Perhaps the saddest part of Zizi's story is that of her carrot-shaped dresser which holds the remains of her mother. From TLC:

Zizi’s most prized carrot item is her carrot dresser. She paid $4,000 for it and she uses it to hold her mother’s ashes. She plans to join her mother in the carrot dresser after she passes.

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