Country Star Craig Morgan: Inside My Tricked-Out First Car

When country star Craig Morgan wanted to impress a girl, he didn't start belting out a tune -- he just opened the door to his tricked-out Gran Torino!

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Hitting up his parents for cash to pay for the car, Tennessee-born Morgan, now 47, tells Us Weekly his wheels were the ones to watch in town. "The cool thing about this car is that it had a 351 Cleveland engine -- it was set up to race! -- but I wasn't a race car driver," Morgan joked during a recent visit to Us Weekly's New York City offices.

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"I'll never forget when I brought it home: I came flying in the driveway showing off for friends and I didn't stop in time and I ran it right into a tree -- before I even paid for it!" the singer explains, adding that he "put every cent" he earned over the next three years into rehabbing and tricking out his Torino.

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For more from Morgan on his hot wheels -- including how it hindered, not helped, him to get girls -- check out the exclusive video above!

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