Clarissa And The Straightjackets Is Your New Favorite Band

A little-known fact about “Clarissa Explains It All”: Melissa Joan Heart recorded a full album in character as Clarissa called “Clarissa and the Straightjackets.” In it, we learn “This Is What 'Na Na' Means” (actual track title), what Clarissa's likes and dislikes are, and that Clarissa didn't really have the best singing voice — not that it matters!

Listen to the whole album here:


In the track "This Is What 'Na Na' Means," Clarissa gives us some insight into her favorite things are through a verse of spoken word. They are:

• Lincoln Logs
• Picasso
• The ocean when it's green
• Cross-eyed cats
• Mud
• Movies where people are insane
• Things I know a lot about
• Things I can't explain

We also learned some of Clarissa's pet peeves: eating with ones mouth open, being a baby, drooling while taking a drink, and being a parasite. Honestly, the whole CD is like a window into the mind of Clarissa's budding teenage feelings -- feelings that apparently couldn't be expressed in the regular route of computer games.

Clarissa also is the voice of a Nickelodeon-produced recording of Peter and The Wolf:

I had a friend who had this CD and it's not really as exciting as Clarissa's rock album. But if you'd like to listen, you can here.


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