CLAIM: Tom Cruise Fears Daughter is “Being Used” By Boyfriend

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Tom Cruise is scared his adopted daughter Isabella is “being used” by her boyfriend, reports In Touch.

How come?

The mag says the Mission: Impossible star is “suspicious” of Bella’s beau, Eddie Frencher, because he’s not nearly as rich as the Cruises are.

Um, who is?

Anyway, the tabloid claims that despite the fact that Frencher is very close with the Cruise family, is a fellow Scientologist, and appears to love Bella deeply, Cruise is beginning to “doubt his intentions” because Frencher grew up in a home with a “comparatively lower income.”

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In Touch says Cruise is concerned about “the couple’s plan to get engaged as soon as possible,” since Frencher is a “struggling musician” who lives in a “run-down apartment complex.”

Well, that’s very unfair… to Cruise.

A rep for the actor tells Gossip Cop the mag’s story is completely false, calling the piece “disgusting.”

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