CLAIM: Prince Harry “Wooing” Katy Perry

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Is Katy Perry going to rebound from Russell Brand with another, considerably more famous, Brit?

The Daily Star claims Prince Harry is “secretly wooing” the pop singer after “learning she has the hots for him.”

According to the paper, the royal is “desperate” for Perry to perform at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee concert this summer “just so he can bag a date with her.”

Prince Harry has supposedly asked the event’s organizers “to make it happen,” says the tab.

A so-called “source” for the paper explains, “Harry has a double reason for targeting Katy. First he thinks she is a rocking artist with great songs. But secondly she is single and very sexy.”

“He sees this as an opportunity to get close to Katy,” notes the Daily Star’s alleged insider, adding, “He is confident his charm will win her over.”

And Gossip Cop is confident that this story is just another one of the paper’s Teenage Dreams.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace tells us the Daily Star’s story is “incorrect,” noting that Prince Harry is “not involved in choosing the artists” for the event.

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