CLAIM: John Travolta Caught in Male “Prostitution Scandal”

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(National Enquirer)

John Travolta is the subject of a sensational National Enquirer cover story that claims he’s been “caught” in a gay “prostitution scandal.”

The “world exclusive” reports that Travolta “offered hard cash” to a “burly” massage therapist for sex on January 16 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

“He tried to pay me for sex – it was very clear that John Travolta wanted me to perform a sexual act on him and that he would pay me to do it,” the unnamed masseur is quoted as telling the Enquirer.

The therapist allegedly “passed a polygraph attesting to the truth of his sordid encounter with the film star.”

According to the tabloid, Travolta hired the therapist through Craigslist, drove him to the hotel, and was an hour into his massage when he supposedly reached out and began touching the masseur.

What followed (in the Enquirer’s telling of events) was a back-and-forth in which Travolta repeatedly propositions the man, who declines to participate in the “sex game” because he could be arrested for prostitution.

The unnamed masseur supposedly tells the magazine that Travolta eventually grew frustrated and furious, at one point suggesting that they have a threesome with a “beautiful blonde” in the hotel.

Ultimately, claims the man, Travolta gave up, paid the masseur double what he owed, and told him, “The next time you see me at the movies or some awards, think about all the millions I’m going to make… Think about what you could have had!”


The Enquirer, which recently crossed the line by putting Whitney Houston’s lifeless body on its cover, is crossing the line once again with Travolta, as it has done countless times in the past, like when the tabloid shamelessly fabricated “miscarriage heartbreak” for the actor and Kelly Preston.

Here once more, the Enquirer tells an elaborate and completely unsupported story about Travolta, trusting an unidentified “massage therapist” who refuses to go on the record.

“This story is not only false but utterly ridiculous,” a rep for Travolta tells Gossip Cop.

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