CLAIM: Beyonce “Carrying Around A Fake Baby”

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MediaTakeOut refuses to let go of its bizarre conspiracy theory regarding Beyonce’s baby, Blue Ivy.

The blog, which previously claimed the singer was faking her pregnancy and wearing prosthetic breasts, now suspects she’s “carrying around a fake baby!!!”


In another “WORLD EXCLUSIVE SHOCKER,” the site reports that the infant Beyonce is toting around New York is not a child, but a “doll.”


Yes, MediaFakeOut says Beyonce is using the fake infant as a “DECOY against paparazzi.”

Uh, so the baby can go to lunch alone, without receiving the media attention that surrounds her mom?

Regardless, the site’s evidence is supposedly “startling.”

MTO says, “We looked at photos of Blue taken about a WEEK AND A HALF in New York – and compared them with images taken two days ago. In the photos, Baby Blue grew in height about 11%.”


Besides the fact that babies grow, the mathematicians at MediaTakeOut are comparing photos of a completely covered-up baby being held in different positions.

Of course, the only thing “fake” here is MTO’s supposed “research.”

Blue Ivy has probably grown about a quarter inch in a week-and-a-half.

And Beyonce is not a weirdo who carries around a doll to pass off as her child.

The story is just LUDICROUS.

But unfortunately, it’s probably not the end of MTO’s bizarre Beyonce baby theories.

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