CLAIM: Angelina Jolie “Terrified” She’ll Lose Pax to His Birth Mother

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“Angie Terrified She’ll Lose Adopted Son!” screams a headline in this week’s National Enquirer, which reports, “Angelina Jolie is fighting to keep her family together after the birth mother of her adopted son Pax begged to reconcile with him!”

Wait, what?

According to the tabloid’s “sources,” the 8-year-old’s “heroin-addicted mom has kicked her drug habit and desperately wants to reconnect with him.”

One “insider” says Jolie is now “going through every adoptive mother’s worst nightmare.”

Let’s back up.

Jolie and Brad Pitt adopted Pax in 2007 from a Vietnamese orphanage when he was three years old.

The Enquirer claims biological mother Pham Thu Dung, who gave up Pax immediately after giving birth, has just contacted the adoption agency and “asked that she be reunited.”

The mag’s “insider” alleges that Jolie is “stonewalling” Dung’s request for a visit because she’s ”deeply insecure and worries Pax could become so confused that he’ll want to return to his mom.”

“She’s also wondering if Pax’s mother is making a play to reclaim him,” explains the Enquirer source.

Never one to take a back seat in the dramatics/hysterics department, the tabloid quotes a source as saying that Jolie “nearly keeled over” when she learned of Dung’s alleged request and “wailed to Brad, ‘Don’t let them take away my boy!’”

OK, enough.

Angelina Jolie is NOT freaking out over the possibility her son will abandon his family for the mother he’s never met.

The characterization certainly fits with the Enquirer’s constant portrayal of Jolie as fragile and paranoid,  but it definitely doesn’t match reality.

Pax might very wind up meeting his biological mom one day – but the notion that Jolie is “terrified” she’ll “lose” him is absurd, a family source tells Gossip Cop.

We’re told the latest Enquirer sensationalism about supposed Jolie-Pitt clan drama is “100 percent false.”

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