CLAIM: Angelina Jolie Canceling Wedding Because Brad Pitt Married Jennifer Aniston

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were just about to get married when “disaster struck,” according to OK!

Oh no!

And it’s all because the couple’s 10-year-old son Maddox discovered Jennifer Aniston!


It all began “innocently,” explains the tabloid, when Maddox came across an online article about Pitt’s ex and asked his father who she is.

“Brad didn’t realize that Angie was home, and so he basically just told Maddox the truth: that Jennifer was a woman he loved very much and was once married to,” says a so-called “source” for OK!

Jolie, who was home, was allegedly “livid” about Maddox’s discovery and Pitt’s explanation.

According to the tab “insider,” “Angie went berserk and said [Pitt] was stupid not to supervise Maddox’s Internet use.”

But a lack of Internet parental controls, says the mag, wasn’t the only reason for Jolie’s supposed fury!

“She has so much jealousy and animosity toward Jen, and when it gets stirred up she tends to have a very knee-jerk reaction,” adds the OK! insider.

So much so, according to the “source,” that “once Maddox left the room, Angie started off screaming at Brad and it quickly turned into a fight about marriage.”

“They both said a lot of nasty things, but Angie ended it by saying she didn’t want to get married to someone who’d been married to Jennifer Aniston,” explains the same tabloid source.

Let’s take a moment to examine what OK! is saying here.

Angelina Jolie can spend years with Brad Pitt and raise six children with him… but she can’t marry him because (1) he doesn’t adequately monitor Maddox’s Internet use and (2) was once married to Jennifer Aniston.

Is Pitt’s ex-wife news not just to Maddox, but also to Jolie?

Did she learn about Jennifer Aniston from the same article her son read?

None of this makes any sense!

As soon as OK! magazine painted itself into a corner with a phony cover story trumpeting a pretend “Wedding Exclusive!” about Pitt and Jolie, we knew they’d try to wriggle out of the bogus announcement.

We just didn’t think the backpedaling would be this lame.

A source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop the story is 100 percent false.

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