Christie Brinkley Owed $32,000 in Child Support From “Childish” Ex Peter Cook


“Warring exes Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook have gone back into battle,” writes the New York Post in a piece titled, “Christie, ex getting childish.”

The paper then notes the supermodel’s cheating ex “just filed a 91-page court document packed with explosive insults and petty complaints,” all because she wants him to pay up the $32,000 of child support he owes for such things as their two kids’ education.

In his nearly 100-page complaint, Cook uses up several pages to simply call Brinkley names like a “narcissistic egomaniac” and to gripe about paying for such things as cell phone plans.

Of course, what’s lost in the paper’s article, which wrongly equates the two parties — and says they’re both guilty of slinging verbal arrows at each other — is that they are not on the same playing field.

Cook had an affair with a teenaged girl; he hasn’t paid his court-ordered child support; and now he’s ratcheting up the court battle.

Brinkley has simply been trying to quietly resolve the child support payments, which we’re told are “nominal” but have ballooned to a very sizable figure because Cook is “many months behind in paying.”

Despite the Post trying to make it seem like Brinkley is equally culpable in keeping the “battle” raging, an impeccable insider tells Gossip Cop that the supermodel has “moved on,” and “hasn’t spoken to [Cook] in 2 years.”

We’ve learned Brinkley doesn’t engage Cook in “childish” name-calling — she just wants what’s right for her children.

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