Chris Brown Bought Rihanna $70,000 Bracelet, Sends 100 Red Roses A Day?

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“Now that they’re back together, Chris Brown is spoiling Rihanna,” begins a piece from In Touch, which claims the “Forever” singer is “lavishing RiRi with gifts.”

A purported insider for the tabloid, which once wrongly reported Brown was “hooking up” with Kelly Rowland, says he recently “dropped more than $70,000 for a diamond Love bracelet from Cartier” for Rihanna.

And that’s not all.

Brown has also allegedly been “sending her 100 red roses every day — no matter where in the world the globe-trotting singer rests her head,” adds the so-called “source.”

Wow, that’s a whole lot of flowers…

And a whole lot more b.s.

Unlike the hundreds of roses Brown is supposedly showering on Rihanna, this story just stinks.

Yes, Brown and Rihanna have put their troubled past behind them and are friends again, but they are certainly not “back together” as the mag claims.

His rep tells Gossip Cop the tab’s tale is “completely not true — not one ounce of it.”

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