Camille Grammer “Quit” Real Housewives Because of Relationship?

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Camille Grammer is the victim of a so-called HollywoodLife “exclusive!”

The sloppy site claims to know “the REAL reason” she’s leaving “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” reporting “it’s all for her younger new boyfriend, 35-year-old Dimitri Charalambopoulos!”

“Camille’s life took a drastic turn with her divorce – and she blames how everything turned out on the show,” a “source” explains to HollywoodLife, adding, “To save her new relationship, she wants to stay out of the reality limelight.”

That’s why, according to the webloid, Grammer “quit” the show “to protect” her “new love.”

Except… none of that is true.

A production source informs Gossip Cop that Grammer intended to return to the show but just couldn’t come to terms during negotiations with Bravo.

She did not leave because of her personal relationship.

It was a business decision.

Yet another facts-free dud for HollywoodLife.

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