Angelina Jolie Rumors Fly: Did She Jut Leg at Oscars to Hide Pregnancy?



Following her appearance at the Oscars, Angelina Jolie is now the subject of constant, contradictory rumors concerning her weight.

Mixed in with the typical nonsense about weddings and fights with Brad Pitt is new speculation that Jolie’s infamous leg jut pose was actually meant as a diversion from her alleged baby bump.

Wait… what?

According to Hollyscoop, while everyone was focused on Jolie’s leg last Sunday, “We all overlooked her belly!”

The site observes that her poofy, black gown ideal for concealing a pregnancy.

Not convinced?

“Her whole demeanor that night seemed to have that happy, expectant mother glow,” explains Hollyscoop in the video below.

Ah, the telltale “glow”!

Except that other commentators are saying the exact opposite.

Dr. Drew, for instance, told “The View” hosts that Jolie is “malnourished… she has the stigmata of malnutrition.”

Hmm, what happened to the “glow”?

In the video below, Dr. Drew even goes back to the old Us Weekly report claiming Jolie is starving herself to make a “statement” about African poverty.

Of course, Star managed to play both sides back in January, wrongly asserting that Jolie was (deep breath) pregnant and dropping weight and going to rehab.

Here’s a thought: Maybe everyone should stop leaping to dramatic conclusions about Angelina Jolie.

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Angelina Jolie “Pregnant” at Oscars:

Angelina Jolie “Malnourished” at Oscars:


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