A Stairlift For Your Fat, Lazy Pets

Great invention or greatest invention? Of course, this would require some training first, but I think it would be worth it just for the delightful experience.

Via: laughingsquid.com

The Daily Mail reports:

Although it is still in the prototype phase manufacturers hope the £5,000 doglift will be be taken on by a big company and developed for a growing market. Chunky, pictured above, certainly wasn't working like a dog when he took a ride up the new elevator.

The machine has been made with mutts in mind as it features a special 'paw push' start button situated close enough to the ground for the animal to reach with an outstretched leg. Pets can clamber into the plastic basket which then raises several feet off the floor before carrying the four-legged passenger up the stairs.

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Via: laughingsquid.com

Well, the good news is that it's only a prototype. This means it'll be at least a year or two before such contraptions are actually sold in stores... so you officially have a year or two to get your fatass pets in shape. Get on it, America. (Also, this would be great for any old, disabled pets, too. It just cracked me up that the whole 'premise' of the machine is for fat pets.)

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