99 Problems: Coco Personally Answers All Your Butt-Related Questions

In Part 1 of this week's column by Coco (the hottest half of E!'s ” Ice Loves Coco “), learn how to get a butt like hers, where curvy girls should shop for swimwear and how to play up your best assets (no pun intended).

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Dear Coco,
How do I get a butt like yours? Exercise? New genes? New... jeans?
—Butt-less in Seattle

Dear Butt-less in Seattle,

It is a little bit of the genes, I was handed down a great pair of hips from my mother and a bubble butt from the dad’s side. Also, when I was younger I was skinny and athletic — I was not as voluptuous as I am now, not even close. Most people wouldn’t believe that. You have to be willing to go to the gym and lift weights. When you go to the gym and just do cardio, you’re only burning fat. You have to do the heavy lifting. I do heavy squats, lunges, anything that promotes a deep groove in your back. There are also three muscles you have to work.

The three muscles are the top of the butt, side of the butt, middle of the butt. So you will have to work all three heavily to get a booty. The problem is women think it’s just the gluteus maximus, but no, there are the others that you have to focus on and put some weight on. I go to the gym and leg press 400 pounds, no joke. Since I have been working out for a long time, I have to keep adding more and more weight as the years go on.

If you look at women body builders for example, before they bulk up they are skinny, with no body to them. But when they build, they work the triceps, biceps, glutes etc. and everything becomes accentuated. If you turn them around, they have a booty. They have to go out there and work out to promote muscle growth.

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Most women are afraid to work out with heavy weights because they are afraid of looking like a man, but you’ll never look like that because men have testosterone. Women have a little but there’s no way you can start to look like a man. Also, to help overcome this fear you can do cardio as well. If you build muscle at the same time that you do cardio you’ll be losing fat so it will even out.

I do 30 minutes on weights and 30 minutes on the treadmill. I post
regular fitness tips on my Twitter account @cocosworld first and then they are logged on my blog.


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