5 Viral Videos Get A Minecraft Remake

Keyboard Cat, Sneezing Panda, and Double Rainbow are featured in this impressive toast to viral video. Now, with more blocks!


According to the video's description, this was created by Minecrafter Cuzzzic. You can check out his YouTube channel here for more Minecraftian videos.

For the rare individual that has not yet heard of Minecraft, it is probably the single greatest independent video game success story, selling more than 5 million copies to date, and making its creator, "Notch," a millionaire. The game was first released in an Alpha state in 2009, and continued to enjoy financial success until its official 'release' in 2011.

Minecraft is a game where you are given free reign to build things, whilst avoiding death by a various number of blocky (and terrifying) beasties. You can buy it here.

Source: kotaku.com  /  via: youtube.com

For those unfamiliar, the original videos that are referenced in this video may be found below:

Source: youtube.com

Via: youtube.com

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