25 Faces Of The International Pizza Expo

Meet 25 pizzeria owners from around the United States. The International Pizza Expo is full of them. These people are awesome and incredibly hard working. Running a pizza shop isn't easy, but these people do it for good reason!

Rob, Hearth Pizza Tavern
Cumming, Georgia

What's his favorite part of owning a pizzeria?

"I believe pizzeria owners have a different passion than other restauranteurs. We have the satisfaction of representing a product that is beloved by the entire world. Being a part of that brings me the biggest joy. It's almost a type of a fantasy job, I love being part of it."

Salvatore, Salvatore's Pizzeria
Webster, New York

Its been a family business since 1978.

What's his favorite part of owning a pizzeria?

"I love training young people and seeing them succeed later on in life. I've had many employees that have grown up to be doctors and lawyers. I always say, if you can survive a Saturday night at a pizzeria, then you can survive anything."

Carrie, Naples Pizza
Naples, Florida

Carrie's husband and her bought the business in 2006.

What's her favorite part of owning a pizzeria?

"Customer satisfaction and feedback. It feels good when they tell you how great everything is."

Sabbatino, Bambini's Pizza
North Las Vegas, Nevada

He's owned a pizza shop since 1963. He moved to Vegas because he thought he was going to retire, but when he got here he decided to open a shop because he saw a place in the market.

What's his favorite part of owning a pizzeria?

"It's a lot of fun."

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