16 & Pregnant’s Stressed-Out Katie Begs Mom: Be Nice to Me!

16 & Pregnant's Katie is learning the hard way that motherhood isn't all smooth sailing.

On Tuesday's premiere of the MTV hit's fourth season, the hardworking high school student -- expecting her first child with boyfriend Joey -- has an eye-opening chat with her mom, Luci, and sister, Blake, about her future plans.

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"You get to have a baby instead of going to school," Blake snipes in the above preview clip after the girls' mother discusses the fact that Katie will need to put college plans on hold to have her baby.

Katie pledges to balance school and motherhood after her little one is born, but her mom isn't optimistic she'll succeed.

"You think things are going to be a lot easier [once the baby is born]?" Luci asks Katie. "Being a grown up isn't as easy as you think it is! I'm trying to prepare you for what your future holds."

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Instead of taking their thoughts into consideration, Katie sees the conversation as a personal attack and gets defensive. "You could be the least bit proud of me, though," she argues, tearing up. "It would be nice if you could just say one nice thing [to me]."

Watch more of the family's emotional conversation in the clip above before 16 & Pregnant premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. (EST) on MTV.


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